Don’t fancy composting yourself? Neither did Jen! So she found a super green option! Heres an extract from her post

I have to be honest – I put off composting for a long time. We have a small garden and I didn’t want to pong it out with a large
bin of old rotting food. Plus I’m not paricularly green fingered. At most, I’ll have a pot of herbs in the kitchen, which sometimes I accidentally kill. I’m not sure I would use the resulting soil.

So I found a person locally who was willing to pick up my compost.

There’s a website called Streetlife “the local social network” where you can communicate with your community.

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This would be a good use for Bokashi Bins. These bins let you store masses of kitchen waste before it needs collecting and composting elsewhere. More on Bokashi Bins here

Do fancy composting? Read this intro 


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3 thoughts on “Friends who compost…

  1. And if you do go down the Bokashi bin route you get plant food for your pot plants as well! win win! Please let me know how you get on.

  2. Thanks for the quick post – really got me thinking about what I could do with my compost once its been made, as I don’t have a garden (only a few potted plants in my flat) – I definitely could get someone to collect it, or even do be a little helper for my community and work on the local park’s gardens.

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

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