Happy new year dear ones. Love to all and hope this year is everything you wish it to be.

Need A Really Easy & Effective Resolution? 

I suggest that anyone in need of a new years resolution should try reducing their plastic trash by just one piece. Perhaps say no to straws in drinks, maybe buy, (and remember to use), some reusable produce bags or find a milkman with refillable glass bottles.This has to be the easiest New Years resolution ever. And so effective. Immediately you are making the world a cleaner place!  Just think if every one of Britain’s 64.1 million people did this!

Need inspiration. Try quick tips to cut your plastic trash for more ideas and of the Cut Plastic Index for alternatives to plastic products.

Go on give it a go! Just say no. And do share your plastic free finds here or on the Plastic Is Rubbish FB support group.

Loose food Online

Plasticfree pantry is a UK based online shop sells pantry staples including
herbs and spices
Dried fruit
Pasta rice and grains
baking ingredients
beans and pulses

All loose and plastic free. Well not completely loose. Duh. They have to packaging it somehow so they reuse paper bags, glass jars and compostable plastic.
They will also use your own clean and produce bags. Read more about produce bags here HERE

The onward packaging consists of cardboard boxes and shredded paper is used to protect the goods.
Packaging tape is heavy duty paper. If you want to try, you can buy some HERE
N.B. They reuse boxes so some might come with existing plastic tape.

Visit the website HERE.

Buy On Line

Find more online products here.
These shops sell plastic free products and send them out in plasticless packages. Find them HERE



As for me. I am going to be looking into makeup. Not giving it up but putting it on. The purpose of this blog is to source alternatives for plastic packed products.Time to tackle cosmetics and as I always like to lead by example I need to learn how to primp and paint. I want to know what conventional makeup is like so I can compare and contrast #plasticlessproducts. But first what is conventional makeup like? I have bought some basic bits and bobs. Blimey they do like packaging don’t they? I’ve got a pencil, some liquid eyeliner, lipstick (greasy stuff) and blush. I will branch out into foundation and eyeshadow later.

Research into makeup is ongoing and I have had some great help from the lovely and lovely looking Plastic Is Rubbish FB group who came up with helpful reccomendations. They are a great source of personal experience and up to date information.

You can see them here


I know a lot of people like a liquid hand wash. Personally I prefer soap but whatever. So this hand wash comes in soluble pods that you drop in water and refill the (plastic) bottle provided. When done you buy more via. The website. It is posted to you in plastic free packaging,  (NB according to some reviews they come with some plastic).

Now I think you are meant to buy the bottle as part of the starter kit but I see no reason why you couldn’t just buy the refills and use your own plastic free soap dispenser?

It comes from a company called


This is an online refill service. A new way to buy your home cleaning, laundry and health & beauty essentials.
You buy the starter pack which includes a range of bottles and concentrate product. You water down the product and fill the bottles. Thereafter you buy more concentrate on line and refill your bottles as needed.

Some products come in soluble pods which you drop into water; others in plastic pouches which can be sent back to be refilled or recycled. While the refillable plastic pouches obviously are plastic (duh) the soluble pods sound useful.

They supply a wide range of products. But  “currently the surface cleaners and hand washes come in water soluble sachets and the rest come in pouches.”

Splosh also claim that the postal packaging for the starter kit and refills is also plastic free. Though according to some reviews they come with some plastic.

Here’s their mission statement. “Plastic waste is an environmental disaster and we’re committed to reducing it to zero. For each product we’ve designed a refilling system that takes plastic out of the waste stream. For example our pouches can be sent back for refilling and, at the end of their life, we manage their reprocessing into other products”

You can read more about how it works and order products here HERE
If anyone out there has used this product please let me know.


Should be easy enough but buying soap can be an ethical minefield. Ideally you want animal fat free, palm oil free, sls free and locally made. Preferably unpackaged. You can read more about dirty soap HERE

One ethical soap that is sold loose in most health food shops is Suma soap which are
“made in the UK, vegan and do not contain parabens, triclosan or phthalates.
Our range is free from artificial preservatives, colours and fragrances (we use essential oils to scent our products) and we guarantee our products have not been the subject of animal testing by Suma or our suppliers.

Suma handmade soap is made using the traditional cold process method of soap making, which generates zero by-product. Suma soaps are poured, cut, stamped, and packed by hand – using as little energy as possible.

Suma bodycare products do not contain methylisothiazolinone or phosphates and are GMO free.”

Read more HERE

To Do…This Month 


While it is still a bit cold to be out there, thoughts now turn to the garden and the seeds that need to be sown for the coming year. You need to start planning ahead for plastic free seedlings.
You can buy plastic-free seeds and find instructions on how to make your own paper seedling pots here. Plus other great plastic free garden related products.

Keep On Kissing
Stop chapped lips with this home made lip balm. It really works! And you can use your own  refillable tubes or metal tins.

Next Month 

As ever we are planning ahead as plastic free events need some organising.
You need to start preparing for Valentines Day.

And planning a plastic free Pancake Day

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