bucket featuredUnlike cheaper plastic models, metal, industrial strength, hardworking galvanised products will give you years of service. We work in the building & landscaping trade and use these in preference to anything else. Had them for years and they are still going strong.

Not just hard workers but the rugged materials and genuine old school design make them a thing of beauty. Wether sitting in the corner of the kitchen or out in the garden they look as good as they work.

I have found them in 3 sizes

27cm Galvanised Bucket
29cm Galvanised Bucket
31cm Galvanised Bucket

Buckets in the garden?
Not just for swabbing down the decking but they make attractive planters for herbs. Practical too as they are much lighter then pottery plant pots and,of course, much nicer than plastic.

How to make a bucket planter – drill some holes in the bottom and fill with soil.


You can find them in hardware stores and online.

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13 Litre Galvanised Bucket
13 Litre Galvanised Bucket

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