Ocean Ambassadors Mr Midwood and Take Three, Tim Silverwood sailed into town in a boat powered by trash.

“We put solid plastics in one side and use heat to gasify them, turning them back into liquid – their oil-based form,” Mr Midwood said. “It’s a great way to turn plastics into a positive product. We can use the diesel we produce to power the ship and then sell leftover fuel.”

They are using Japanese-designed Blest technology which turns plastic into oil

Ocean Ambassadors  advocate and educate on this technology as a solution to island nations as it provides a real-time solution to effectively processing these “waste materials” locally and providing an end product that has a high demand in all locations.

As it is a low-sulfur burning content fuel and recorded as environmentally friendlier than standard diesel, we feel this technology offers us an option for the time being before we phase into plastic alternatives that are bio-based.


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