Commissioned by the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, IMARES has published its new monitoring report on quantities of plastics in stomachs of Northern Fulmars found on Dutch beaches up to year 2013.

Currently, 94% of investigated stomachs of Dutch Fulmars contained one or more plastic particles, and about 52% contained more than the critical level of 0.1 gram plastic. North Sea governments have set a policy target where this percentage is reduced to below 10%.

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We have recently published a new IMARES-report, updating our time series of Fulmar plastic ingestion monitoring in the Netherlands. The link to a full download of the report (and a range of other issues) can be found at the familiar dossier site .  We hope this will stimulate the continued support from all those people surveying beaches and other co-workers! Without such help, this sort of study would be impossible, so thank you all very much!


With thanks to Fabiano of Global Garbage



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