So pleased that Plastic is Rubbish  got featured as the Guardians sustainable blog of the week last week. 

You can read the interview her

Guardian green blogs have put together an interactive map to profile all of the sustainable blogs of the week that they  featured on Live Better for the past six months.

Huddersfield Examiner
Guardian Up North
Featured one of my articles for the Huddersfield Examiner

The Guardian picks up a collection of articles on plastic free living I wrote for the Huddersfield Examiner….

Welcome to the Northerner, Guardian Unlimited’s weekly digest of the best of the northern press.

Now this may sound daffy, but actually the Huddersfield Examiner’s interest in Worm Tea is part of the thriving new North. The paper’s green columnist Kate Armstrong, who lives appropriately in the Huddersfield suburb of Marsh, is delighted with the success of her worm composting bin.

“Those of you kind enough to read these words will know that I bought it four months ago,” she says in that delightfully modest way that you regularly discover in local newspapers. It has been a dramatic period. The bin was theoretically escape proof, but Ms Armstrong’s worms got out and infested her garage. “When my husband discovered them in his drill bits he threatened to sacrifice them on the bird table if a solution wasn’t found.”

She promptly constructed her own worm Colditz and fed its contents on a super-rich diet of festering food scraps. This resulted in a plague of fruit flies and more potential wrath from Mr Armstrong. Kate gave up, capped the mess with some spadefuls of soil and forgot about it until this week. Bingo! When she went for a desultory check, she found the bin standing in a lake of Worm Tea, a digestive juice which is sold at handsome prices on the internet as a superior plant feed and to cure black spot on roses. The worms themselves are now apparently the size of anacondas, and even Mr Armstrong is impressed.


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