U.K. based enterprises that provide plastic free/reduced products and services. These people state plastic/packaging reduction as part of their business ethos.

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Where To Buy #plasticfree
How To Cut Plastic

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a fine choice ltd.

reusable environmentally friendly products that substitute disposable plastic products I ...
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A to Z of Plastic Free

The A to Z index is constantly updated so some ...
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Branded Cups

Reusable plastic souvenir Cups for any event. Premier solution to ...
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Cleaning products – refill system

Planet Earth offers a range of household cleaning products with ...
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Do Your Bit Produce bags

DoYourBit is an organic cotton reusable bag company locally run ...
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Earth Conscious

Eco friendly business run by two mums, specialising in reusable ...
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Ecoforce -recycled cleaning products

Increasing the use of recycled plastic products EcoForce's mission is ...
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Fabric Offset Warehouse

Offset Warehouse is a social enterprise which brings together a ...
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Give Me Tap – water bottle, water refill & water aid

We are a social enterprise committed to improving water accessibility ...
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Greencane Tissues/ Paper Products

A while ago a company called Greencane sent me some tissues through ...
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Jerry Bottles

Jerry sell sustainable steel water bottles to raise funds for ...
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Kedel Recycled Plastics

The Problems Presented By Plastic Misuse & How To Combat ...
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Milk & Milkmen

British consumers got through nine billion pints of milk last ...
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Natracare Menstrual and Personal Care Products

Are you aware that most sanitary pads are made from ...
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Produce Bags Cotton From Spain

Co/Fo sell produce bags made from 100% organic cotton bags ...
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Refill/Bulk/Zerowaste Stores

Bulk buy or refill stores are places you can buy ...
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Vegware – compostable fast-food disposables

Vegware is the UK's first and only completely compostable packaging ...
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Whole Food Market U.K. Chain

Rushing through the Cheltenham suburbs, had to buy wine so ...
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