Day one of Wasteless live more and I am tackling tomato puree

one of the few plastic wrapped products I use and yes tins are plastic lined as is the metal lids of glass jars.  So for Monday– Make It task I thought I would make tomato puree and guess what? It is really easy. I finally understand why, tomato puree! Its a way of storing loads of food in a very small space. The idea is to reduce the tomato to its very essense and remove as much as the moisture as possible. The result is a thick flavoursome paste.

So lets get pureeing…
Cut toms in half remove the white bits put in a pan with a bit of water and steam until soft and pulpy and the skins come away easily.
Peel them
Push the pulp through a seive.
Put in a pan and bake in the oven.
See my almost tomato puree.

I took it out before it got really thick but it was good enough for me. 10 tomatoes reduced to a small glass.

WLLM FOOD1Cant bear waste tomato soup
Couldnt bear to throw the skins and seeds away so I chucked them in with some lentils and the water I drained off from steaming the tomatos. Cooked and blended.
Ta da!

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