From the 1-7th of September I took part in zerowaste week. The general aim of this week is to send nothing to landfill however I am nothing if not pedantic. Zerowaste means just that! So I sent nothing to be recycled either!

What is Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week is an opportunity to reduce landfill waste & save money.

It is in its seventh year and runs from the 1st to the 7th of September

here’s a link to the zero waste website

My pledge

This year the theme is “One More Thing” My “one more thing” is the recycle bin! I will only create compostable rubbish.

Which means I will put put nothing in my black bin or my green bin. I will send nothing to landfill AND nothing to be recycled. That means no plastic, no tins, no glass and no paper.

I only want to make waste that I can dispose of myself. The two methods of waste manageent available to me are composting and burning.

But I will not compost or burn anything that could be recycled.

The rubbish I will create will be  compostable  and food related- potato peelings and the like and that’s not waste but plant food!

The Others 

Of course its not just me  doing it- there are loads of bloggers doing all kinds of stuff. You can find them herded together in one easy to access place here:

and listen to them wittering – sorry twittering – on on the twitter hashtag #zerowasteweek
If you want to join in you can make a pledge here on the zero waste website. If you decide to blog about it you can decorate your blog or  post with various buttons, if you don’t you can print off posters for your living walls (easy tiger!) with these links posters and pdfs


My goal was to create only compostable waste. I DID IT!

For one week, I didn’t put any rubbish in the landfill bin NOR in the recycling bin.

The only waste created was vegetable peelings. We used one ready packaged item, flour for the chapattis. All other food we bought loose in reusable packaging – either plastic tubs or cloths produce bags.

It wasn’t a week of bread and water either. We had everything from smoked salmon to bacon, chocolate to fresh ground coffee.

You can see our daily menu here and our packaging free food options here

We went without milk, cheese and yogurt. If we had been at home we could have had milk in a glass bottle from out milk man, made our own yoghurt and bought cheese unwrapped from the market. You can check out our Dairy options here.

Because we are traveling in a van we have been unable to do this.

Tins were out so we had to cook without tinned tomatos. I didnt actually think this was possible but it is.

We also went without glass jars and bottles. No mayo, mustard, ketchup or honey. We had some van made van jam which was easy to do. I think my next challenge will be to learn how to make sauce.

We also went without wine – bottles of that is. There are some wine refill places in the UK but none where we were – sigh!

We have bought most of the stuff from small local shops so we don’t even have many till receipts! And we managed to avoid the horrid stickers on fruit but I admit we choose carefully and picked off the  unmarked bananas. Which leads me to ask – is it only supermarkets that sticker up fruit?

As for toothpaste, suntan lotion, moisturizer and the like, we make our own. You can find out how we stay so pretty plastic free here.

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