Plastic free July  beverages include  the rather luxurious real drinking chocolate. I have long been on a quest to source plastic-free cocoa. It has not been going well. Morrisons let me down and then there was my mothers disappointing cardboard box. I was nearly there  in  Whitby but had to leave  before it happened. If you want to know more you can catch up here….

Well Todmorden Market once again come up trumps. The deli stall sells real drinking chocolate wrapped in paper and foil. You buy it in bars, bash it into bits and melt it in hot water or milk, (or my personal fave half / half mix), to make drinking chocolate. Or you can chuck a chunk in a shot of espresso in to make a funky, monkey mocha. It tastes good but there is a downside – it  is not cheap and you can’t use it to make chocolate cake!

6 thoughts on “Drinking chocolate

  1. What’s the difference between a bar of drinking chocolate and an ordinary eating or cooking bar you might get in paper? ( that sounds like it should be the start of a joke but is just an admission of ignorance)

  2. erm they sell it in the deli in the market and you ask him for drinking chocolate. It is in a great big block. They also sell it in the Bear Coop. Enjoy x

  3. How do you identify a bar of drinking chocolate…..does it look like an ordinary bar of chocolate or has it got a special name ? When I know I will make a special trip to Todmorden to buy some x

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