I love that people are becoming plastic problem aware and  taking responsibility for their own huge pile of plastic waste. And then, even more super fabbytastic, they blog about it!

When you first decide to go plastic free it can be overwhelming. It seems that everything comes plastic packaged from soap to shampoo to moisturizer to toothpaste and you have only just got up. Breakfast cereals, bread, milk yogurt and marge, tea and coffee are all plastic packed. Can of coke? Nope – tins are plastic lined! Coffee to go? Those paper cups and paper sugar sachets are also plastic lined!

And so it goes throughout the day till you return home sweaty and malodorous because you didn’t apply your plastic packed deodorant clutching a cardboard box of eggs and the only unpackaged veg you could find in Lidles! Which isn’t even a vegetable but an unripe avocado.

How fantastic then to stumble across people who have already sourced a range of plastic free alternatives and listed them in their blogs! But we need more.


Well some solutions like solid shampoo from Lush can be accessed UK wide but many are local. There is only one place as a far as I know that does plastic free olive oil in West Yorkshire. Great news for people in Todmorden but it stills leaves the good folk of Folkstone in a quandary! More people have to list their local plastic free sources to create a network of plastic free shopping blogs.

And blogging isn’t just about sharing information but also indicates that there is a market for different products, natural products that can be composted and unpackaged products that don’t result in a bin full of everlasting trash. I don’t want my courgettes presented on a plastic tray swathed in clingfilm but unless I blog about it, only my long-suffering husband knows how displeased I am.

Blogging tells business we want change.
I dream of an online army of plastic free blogs promoting better products and business practise. Refuseniks who vote with their cash for environmentally sustainable services and, by advertising that fact to a powerful online community, encourage others to do the same.

You can find other UK based bloggers here 

If you are a plastic free blogger, get in touch. It doesn’t have to be a whole blog – a single post will do listing a loose food outlet or milkman with glass bottles will do. Send me a link to your post or blog and I will feature it.

Or write a post for the plastic free directory

You can find international bloggers and other plastic related projects here

Plastic free bloggers unite! We having nothing to loose but our chain stores! Cyber love to all and see you on the virtual barricades.

13 thoughts on “Join IN blogging for a plastic free world…

  1. I have just given up plastic from January 2016 and starting to blog, based in Sheffield – happy to be added to your list – will be recommending your website. Thank you

  2. Hi there – thank you so much for commenting and sorry for the late reply. I have had big problems with my comments this year. Hopefully all resolved! have a very happy and, of course, plastic reduced 2015 Pamx

  3. Greetings from Germany! I’m a plastic-free blogger as well and we have several blogs about that topic in Germany and in Austria as well. We’re a worldwide movement and make a change for sure!
    It’s always so great, to find like minded people! Best wishes to you guys!

  4. Hi! I’m an environmental/plastic-free blogger in the US. Thank you for creating such a great resource for plastic-free options!! Always enjoy reading your blog.

  5. I’m in Charlottesville, VA in the U.S., and blog about sustainability issues, including avoiding plastics. Hope you will check out my posts! Thanks for your work to raise awareness about plastic pollution. I agree we can inspire people to think more about the effects of their choices, and force companies to take a hard look at the impacts of their products/packaging on today’s world. Best regards!

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