My plastic boycott started because I didn’t like the impact plastic packaging had on the environment – as I learnt more, I began to worry about the impact it might be having on me.Plastic contains phthalates which are (possibly) carcinogenic and cause the feminization of male animals exposed to them. They are found in the stuff used to wrap meats and cheeses.

Bisphenol A is known to cause neurological and hormonal damage to lab animals. This is found in plastic food and drinks containers. There are indications that these chemicals can leach into the plastic wrapped products.

Two good reasons then to reject plastic wrapped products but it’s not easy and means going without all manner of foodstuffs. So while the sensible part of me, (the part that wanted my hormones undamaged), said stick with it, the greedy me was lusting after a piece of phthalate ridden cheese.

You will need to take your own packaging! Paper or biobags work best for cheese.


Hurrah then for Huddersfield Queensgate permanent market where I recently discovered stalls that sell loose cheese. It is not entirely plastic free – the large cheeses are packed in plastic and covered with Clingfilm but it is better than individually wrapped pieces – to my mind at least!

I take my own packaging and ask that it be used instead of the plastic bags provided. The market traders humour me and that’s another of the joys of shopping locally.

Same with the Polish Deli on Wood Street


I have done this is Tescos and other supermarkets. Again not entirely plastic free as the large block comes plastic wrapped.I take my own packaging and ask that it be used instead of the plastic bags provided.

Wholefoods in Cheltenham sell loose cheese but in their other stores it is wrapped.I take my own packaging and ask that it be used instead of the plastic bags provided.

Artisan Cheeses – almost always completely plastic free!!!!

Every so often you come across a cheese maker. Hurrah. Pricey but good!


If you live near Bideford, get yourself down to the farmers market held on the harbour on Saturdays. There is a cheese stall that sells proper home-made, unpackaged cheese. It’s good, really good! Remember to take your own bags….


Gemma, Darren & Ian can be found at Whitney Market selling their unwrapped and totally delicious cheeses. They also have a website 

Monkland Herefordshire

You can cheese from the working diary or go one step further and learn how to make it yourself! Here’s the website

Utracomida Aberystwyth restaurant and delicatessen

Located a stone’s throw from the sea on Pier Street – our Aberystwyth deli and restaurant offers a wonderful selection of artisan food and drink.And wonderful cheese. Here are the details

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