Co/Fo sell produce bags made from 100% organic cotton bags.

They are  well made, in a range of handy sizes packed in beautifully design, printed carry cases, (printed with 100% water based, non toxic ink).

The smaller bags have a metal toggle closure, the larger have a draw string.

They all have tags with the weight of the bag clearly marked so you can ask for it to be subtracted from the total weight of your purchases.

Check out the range

CO/FO Fruit and Vegetable bags.
Set of 4 Fruit and Vegetable bags and 1 cotton carrier/storage case.

Drawstring bag
Individual bag size: 30 x 35cm
Tare weight: 30 grams

Grains, Rice & Bean Bags
Set of 4 bags stored in a cotton carrier case. Individual bag size: 20 x 30
Tare weight: 20 grams
Metal closure keeps bag sealed tight, not letting any items escape.
Label loop allows you to hold the bag easily.

grains-bag-510x652Nuts & Dried Fruit bags / Set of 4
A Set of four 100% Organic Cotton bags for your dried fruits, nuts, candy and more…

Individual bag size: 17 x 20 cm
Tare weight: 15 grams



Extra Large CO/FO Bread bag with drawstring closure.

Set comes with two different bags – A large bag for bread loafs, potatoes or large vegetables, and one long baguette bag that easily fits 2 french baguettes.

Carrier Bag

backbag-510x652And you can take all your shopping home in their great shopper that waxes lyrical about the joys of shopping fresh, the smell of crusty bread and other delights. I was carrying a weeks worth of baked beans in mine but still…..

Mission Statement

But they are not just pretty bags, Co/Fo have a mission.
In their own words……
Based in Barcelona, CO/FO is the brainchild of Tina Ziegler and was created in response to the urgent need to raise awareness about plastic pollution while drawing attention to our daily habits that collectively form part of the global environmental problem.
As part of this they run various projects including the great plastic of our lives, a collection of photos of people and their trash – a weeks worth of plastic that is.

If you want to get yourself some good-looking, reusable produce bags and do your bit in the battle, go to the Co/Fo store

You can read up about other kinds of produce bags here

And loads of other ways to wrap it up, plastic free right here

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