Great fabric shops are a joy to visit. they are usually a great source of expertise as almost everyone working there will be a home sewer. It also gives you chance to feel the fabric, check out the drape and see if that shade of green really does suit you.

Here are some of my favourites…


Leon’s, Chorlton Best of the bunch for range. This store has been around for ages. They sell everything from gingham to fluero lycra. It is independent, a great resource and of course a local employer. It is much valued by the community.
OPENING HOURS: Mon-Sat 9:30am – 5:30pm
Late night Thursdays 8:00pm

Abakan Manchester city center huge mix of fabrics sold by the weight or meter. Good range of trimmings and craft supplies.

John Lewis, Trafford Center. Limited but nice fabrics, trimmings and fixings sewing machines


Leeds Kirkgate Market, Covered Market City Center

Jacks sell all types of fabric but I go for the end of line remnants of Yorkshire made wooden fabric, for very reasonable price. Anything from £5.00 to £12.00 a meter.

There are other fabric stalls on the market including B&M who do a great range which you can preview via their Facebook page. handy.


Button Box in Huddersfield Market.

More Fabric
on line suppliers
British made Fabric
Regenerated Fibres & fabrics  a very basic introduction
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  1. I know it is galling – but times are changing. Thanks to people like you who do protest. Keep up the good work buddy. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. A couple of years ago, one of the two big supermarket chains in New Zealand started charging 5 cents for the plastic bags. This so outraged their customers that many of them switched to the other chain. The economic damage to the “good” chain forced them to rescind the charges. This outraged ME. Unless every retailer opts, or is forced, to cease handing out plastic bags, the plastic pollution will continue. I teach Waste Minimization in schools and about 50% of kids say their families use Reusable bags, but it’s a tough battle to convince the parents.

  3. This is so annoying! I would love to start an initiative to ban those single use plastic bags but don’t know how !? Any ideas? There is a discussion about charging 5p for those bags in Scotland from October 2014. But who knows whether that’s gonna happen. There should be also UK wide systems in place for recycling of single use plastic bottles and cans!!! e.g. cash for container systems,… Anyone up for this!?

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