I write a blog about slashing my spending but not my principles! In July 2011 whilst on maternity leave I decided that I didn’t want to return to work, but that I couldn’t afford not to. Among other things, I didn’t want to compromise my eco-friendly principles, so I started working out how to be genuinely eco-friendly on a budget. I found that the two go really well together and have been happily unemployed for over a year now!

I try to avoid disposable plastic items wherever possible and write about the alternatives on my blog.
Currently I am carrying out a Year of Eco Challenges (read more here ) and one of those challenges will be to go single use plastic free for July-14 (

I have been preparing for it for a while now and have a ‘going single use plastic free – to do list’ page on my blog, where I am keeping track of my progress.

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This post was written by the contributor and is  a PfU.K. Directory submission.

The Pf U.K. Directory is…?

…a directory of UK-based groups, organisations businesses and individuals who are responding to the problems presented by the misuse of plastic. That does not mean anti-plastic necessarily but certainly plastic-problem aware.

The DIRECTORY is to promote their work not mine. Read more here…

Got a project?
It is very easy to get a project featured. Each contributor submits a short synopsis of their project, focussing on the plastic aware element and I post it. You can read the submission guidelines here.

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