Beachwatch is a UK wide beach clean and survey organised by the Marine Conservation Society that has taken place every September since 1993,. During the Beachwatch 2007 event, 7,504 plastic bags were found on 354 beaches around the UK. On average 44 bags were found for every kilometre of coastline surveyed.

Plastic bags ranked number 15 in the top 20 most common litter items recorded, accounting for 2% of all beach li

In Wales the amount of plastic bags was higher than the UK average, with 887 bags found on 38 beaches amounting to 57 items/km.

Lots more about plastic marine trash in the UK right here

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4 thoughts on “Why Wales banned the bag….

  1. it really is bad in the UK at the moment and as the council cuts begin to bite, it will get worse. The curse of everlasting litter. If we are going to use an indestructible product to make trash you are right, we will need way more legislation….. my first rule would be “don’t use plastic to make throwaway items!”

    Please share you dirty pics on FB Pl’ash if you get the time.

  2. I recently visited Wales and I was amazed at actually how much plastic trash I saw EVERYWHERE. And even though they say they banned the bag, I was still offered plastic bags at a few stores. And when I questioned why they were giving them out when i thought they were banned, they said ‘we still have some left over and we use recycled ones too from other stores’. I took a few pictures of the trash I saw in the various river beds, but there was trash everywhere, in the forests, in the mountains, along the road ect.. It was shocking…much more than I have seen in other places in Europe or in the UK.
    It was truly a terrible sight, . People just tossed it everywhere and of course the majority of it was plastic packaging and take away food containers.
    Even if a country ‘Bans the free Bag’ it really does not have any affect of the litter of take away food containers, plastic drink bottles and bags… We need to think bigger and be more strict with these regulations!

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