A while ago I got sent some Vegware stuff to review. Vegware make disposable compostable packaging from PLA plastic for the fast food industry. Hooray for them.
If you don’t know what PLA starch polymer is, read this
Basically it is a compostable plastic that comes in many different forms as you will see and can be used as a water proof lining for paper cups.

…. but I am not in fast food. So what would I be using them for? For starters…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, I take my own PLA compostable plastic deli pots to the supermarket when I need olives and humus and the like. PLA plastic looks and acts just like plastic but is made from corn starch rather than oil. Not only is this a renewable resource, it is also compostable  and, as Vegware say,”This annually-renewable eco-material has a carbon footprint 78% lower in manufacture than oil-based PET plastic, and these carbon savings are reflected in our Eco Audits.”

I can confirm that Vegware PLA pots are just as good. for shopping. They sent me a great range of shapes and sizes so I was able to expand my experience – even venturing into the ready-made salad bar at Morrisons. I have never done that as I have never had a PLA pot big enough!

The only thing I cannot find a use for is the flat black trays but that is probably because I don’t sell salami.

Because you cannot wash PLA in really hot water,(it melts), I use a new PLA pot every time I go shopping. However I reuse the old ones to freeze food I know I am going to heat up hot. The Vegware rectangular dishes are great for storing decent size portions in the freezer.

The PLA pots end up in my compost bin. Many folk say that you can only compost PLA in industrial composting facilities. I manage just fine with my back yard bin!

But if for some reason you cannot compost PLA pots yourself, Vegware do a great alternative – paper / PLA lined pots. These are not nearly as long-lasting and can only be used once in the freezer . Basically they  fall apart much more quickly.

I cannot see anyone having a problem with composting these.

Paper/PLA lined cups and pots

I also got sent a whole load of paper tubs and cups with compostable, plastic liners with compostable sippy lids and some with built-in heat shields so you don’t burn your hands. If you have a takeaway service these would be great. Also good for parties,

I don’t entertain like that but I do make lots of home-made beauty products. These are great for samples and super useful for presents.

You know how it is you forgot Valentines day again but lucky you have a cupboard full of Shea Butter, essential oils and cocoa.

In no time at all you have whipped up a sensuous chocolate body mousse from your 91/2 weeks range. Grab a vegware paper pot and a felt tip and you have a personalised gift. For sure the drawings could have been better but I only had a Sharpy and a highlighter pen. Needs must….

You can see more on chocolate love mousse soon

 Bags, sheets and wrappings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also got sent a load of bags and wrappings. I am a big fan of taking my own bags shopping. It is the only way you can really shop plastic free. However,  I was so impressed with the gift potential of Vegware products, I have used the bags for other things. The last few days has seen me experimenting with wrapping and passing on all manner of things to surprised recipients.

For instance I bought a block of solid shampoo. It works pretty well but tends to be a bit sweaty. If you cut it and  leave it overnight it oozes and sticks so you cannot wrap it in normal paper. Hurrah for Vegware, shiny, plasticky see through bags.The brown greaseproof paper (?) is pretty good too.

My moisturising rose and lavender salt scrub is oily and moist but can be packed in the paper and PLA bag and safely left.


Finally that is a crystal rock deodorant in the see through bag – just because I can!


The brown Kraft carrier bags are just cute and make super quick wrapping / sweet gift bags. Again, the artistically inclined could personalise these.

More ideas to follow but if you feel inspired, you can check out the Vegware range here  range of fantastic products here….


3 thoughts on “Vegware Fast Food Packaging

  1. Thanks for dropping by and for your handy tips. I freeze stuff in cornstarch bags and that works well for me. Could I ask you where you are based? I think I like your FB page No To PLastic. Are you one and the same? Great page by the way.

  2. Hi
    Thanks so much for sharing all this. I love seeing how other people manage without plastic. I do a lot of similar things. For example I was sent a box of VegWare containers to review. My only complaint is that it is not stated on the container what it is – so when you are at the food counter others have no idea why you would bring your own. Well so far I haven’t actually used them, but am looking forward to seeing how they go in the compost. I also bought (very expensive) those corn starch bags but find them very fragile – no use for storing lettuce/spinach etc in the fridge but probably good for meat & fish. My lovely butcher now wraps my meat in waxed paper ! I hope to give him some publicity come ‘Plastic Free July”. With the bread I buy, I am able to get it wrapped in tissue paper. I slice it at home at re-wrap it in the tissue paper, and freeze it. A brown paper bag would probably work just as well, but I found it interesting that I could freeze quite well in just ‘paper’. This doesn’t work so well with meat, though, as it gets freezer burn. So I do buy zip lock bags for freezing meat, and also soup stock. I find they wash out quite well, and I re-use them for quite a long time, unless they are really greasy or smelly. Best wishes, Marea (No to Plastic).

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