I have yet to source and totally plastic-free, ready ground pepper so I have to buy peppercorns and grind it myself.

These can be bought  loose in Todmorden indoor market,  Todmorden. They do black, mixed and pink peppercorns.

If you  do go down this route you will need to get something to grind them in.

Many people like to use a pepper mill. There is are a huge range available in non plastic materials but I cannot really advise. I am way too impatient to use a peppermill especially for cooking so I smash the peppercorns to bits in a stone mortar and pestle. I suppose I could buy an electric grinder (definitely not plastic free), but I like smashing them to bits. You need quite a heavy one – stone is best.I got a marble mortar and pestle from the Asian Supermarket.

Check out this Pinterest page for inspiration


Want salt? You can get it here….

Sea salt

Can be bought from the Weigh & Save in Penzance and possibly at the other branches of this strange  store

Normal Salt

What do you call this – cooking salt? Budget and in a box from Lidles

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