I am compiling a directory of UK-based groups, organisations businesses and individuals who are responding to the problems presented by the misuse of plastic. That does not mean anti-plastic necessarily but certainly plastic-problem aware.


It is becoming increasingly apparent that though plastic is a massively useful product, it has a dark side. Plastic pollution is emerging as one of the major ecological challenges of the next decade – we need to start looking for some solutions, and quickly. A total ban on all plastics is not a realistic or even a desirable goal. Some plastic products are worth the (properly managed) environmental costs.

Others are not.

What is unnecessary is of course open to debate but one that is becoming increasingly relevent. And there are lots great people out there doing just that; debating and proposing all manner of exciting solutions that range from personal plastic boycotts to advanced techno fixes. Some focus on primarily on plastic issues, for others it is an incidental – but for all it is a consideration.

I want to feature U.K. based initiatives that are tackling the growing problems of plastic abuse – one each month to create a directory of UK-based plastic aware projects, refuseniks, trash slashers, businesses and the rest.

The DIRECTORY is to promote their work.

I hope that by sharing information and providing a forum for a plastic-aware community we can;

  • contribute to the growing plastic debate,
  • support and promote plastic aware projects and products,
  • show there is a market for plastic free products and services,
  • document the growing concern about the problems of plastic abuse.promote and support plastic aware people and projects
  • help others tackle and reduce the plastic in their lives
  • encourage the provision of plastic free alternative products
  • disseminate the latest information about plastic and plastic research
  • campaign for a sustainable use of plastic and for cleaner plastics


If you have a plastic aware project we would love to feature you. Read the submissions guidelines and join in – it’s quick and very easy!

Find out more about us here….

and look over the Directory Register here

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