Recently I was reading European Plastics mission statement about marine pollution and what the plastic industry can do to help. I have to say I was rather disappointed. It seems they are going to talk to some people and think very hard about the problem, do some research and then maybe talk a bit more. Meanwhile more and more beaches are getting to look like this, the sea bed bag covered, Laos is filthy, the trees are festoon and barbed wire snarled.

So I thought I would try to help them out. Here are some of my ideas.

Do feel free to join in.

Plastic Pollution Plan

Ban unnecessary disposable plastic products such as plastic carrier bags.

Cut all unnecessary packaging such as bananas wrapped in plastic and Quink Ink in (glass) bottles enclosed in plastic blister packs

Do not use plastic to make stuff for which there is a natural alternative (see the Plastic Free Resource list for examples),  as long as the natural alternative is sustainable.

Refill services to be offered in shops for everything from shampoo to toilet cleaner. Supermarkets could really lead the way on this one instead of leaving it all to Ecover.

Bulk bins and weigh out service to be introduced for dry products such as pasta… again supermarkets? It can be down. Indeed Wholefood Market a new supermarket are doing just this in parts of the UK

Reusable glass bottles to be returned and then re- used.

Use only those plastics that can be easily recycled i.e. simple plastics. No more fancy, shiny wrappers.

All new plastic products have to be designed to be recycled and all plastic used has to be clearly marked with a code.

Those plastic products that can be made out of recycled plastic (such as buckets) should always be made from recycled plastic.

Any manufacturer who uses plastic to make one use disposables, or company who imports such products, has to pay an additional tax to cover the cost of dealing with the resultant waste. Something like the green dot system.

Plastic abusers to be sent to work in the recycling plant sorting the wet  waste!


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