Just read this article in Recycle Reminders  about Dutch designer Dave Hakkens. He has just gone and made himself a plastic recycling machine that  combines “a plastic shredder, extruder, injection moulder, and rotation moulder to create bins, lampshades, candle holders, and other knick-knacks from waste plastic. “I wanted to make my own tools so that I could use recycled plastic locally,” he said.”

Course you did, who doesnt? And he is not just clever but generous. Check this out.

“He plans to upload the blue prints of his project online, so that people the world over can set up their own recycling workshops and create new products from neighborhood waste. He hopes that ideas generated due to crowdsourcing can help improvise the prototype.”

Do read the full article … and if you have any spare change…… And you can visit his precious plastic project here and see his other projects here.


Of course the best solution is not to make any plastic waste at all.


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