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Our previous work had suggested that bottled water production was an energy-intensive process, but we were surprised to see that the energy equivalent of nearly 17 million barrels of oil are required to produce the PET bottles alone,” Cooley told

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Around 899 thousand tons of PET plastic bottles were recycled nationwide in 2013, but more than two times as much PET was wasted: 2 million tons.*


Recycled: (1,798 million pounds/2,000)*1,000,000 = 899,000 tons
Total: 5,764 million pounds produced
Wasted: (3,966 million pounds*1,000,000)/2,000 = 1,983,000 tons

Plastic Sats

According to the United Kingdom (UK) Government, in 2008 the total environmental cost of waste sent to landfill and incinerators within the United Kingdom (UK)was £211 million and £125 million, respectively. ( the big green book)

Daily Mail 

In September last year, England’s household recycling rate stood at 43.9 per cent – a decline from 44.1 per cent in 2012.

And according to Pledge4Plastics, the average UK home uses 440 plastic bottles a year, but recycles just 250 of them.

One in five people admit they don’t recycle fizzy drink or milk bottles, while a quarter don’t put juice or water bottles in the correct bin.

Some 5 billion plastic bottles were sent to UK landfill sites last year.

From Gov.UK 2011

In 2011 the UK disposed of an estimated 10.8 million tonnes of packaging waste, of which around 67% was recovered. In 1998 only 27% of packaging waste was recovered.

2011 recovery and recycling achievement data

Total packaging waste arising (tonnes) Total recovered/recyled (tonnes) EU Target (%) Recovery/recycling rate (%)
Paper 3,817,860 3,232,461 60 84.8
Paper composting 6,727
Glass 2,739,989 1,751,852 60 63.9
Aluminium 160,877 73,683 45.8
Steel 648,740 373,714 57.6
Metal 447,397 50 55.3
Plastic 2,515,809 609,910 22.5 24.2
Wood composting 442
Wood 1,023,939 600,276 15 58.7
Other 22,443
Total recycling 6,649,065 55 60.8
Energy from Waste 685,612
Total Recovery 10,929,657 6,641,896 60.0 67.1


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