Why so much information on my box of chocks? Well several materials have gone into packing those bad boys. The plastic tray in which they sit, the foil wrapping, the cardboard box and the Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene -BOPP  in which the box is wrapped. They all have to be identified.

In the UK, the Packaging Waste Regulations require “packaging ‘sellers‘, organisations that supply packaging to end-users / people or organisations that discard of the packaging, to provide recycling information to consumers”. That means they have to say wether it can be recycled, not that they are obliged to use recyclable packaging.

This is also known as the Consumer Information Obligation (CIO).

Find out more about what is required of packaging ‘sellers’.

The Green Dot licence DOES NOT represent compliance with the UK Packaging Waste Regulations because it does not mean that the product is recyclable. Find out what the green dot means here.


Find out which are the most commonly used plastics and wether they can be recycled in the U.K.  here

Of course we say composting is the answer. If it don’t rot, don’t use it!

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