I still drink tonic because I still drink gin. Of course I still drink gin! I could barely get through  if it wasn’t for gin! But no matter how pressing the need I will not drink tonic from plastic bottles.


So I buy Schweppes  tonic in cardboard packs of 6  tins.Yes I know tins are plastic lined…..but I need that gin. Only joking under 18s. Hardly touch a drop.At least I did till this happened…. Yes that is plastic wrapping.

So I moved onto Tescos own brand which is not too bad. Same deal – 6 tins in a cardboard box.

You can get a similar tonic package from Sainsburys – bigger cans but not so much to my taste.

And now Schweppes have reappeared unwrapped.

Talking of size….

The downside of buying tonic like this, is that the cans are rather small and I have a lot of very thirsty lady friends. It can get pricey.

The plus side is, that if like me you only have a very small snifter, very occasionally, your tonic is always fresh!


You can buy tonic in glass – Fevertree are good but way too pricy for me


I recently got a Sodastream that makes fizzy water. I will be experimenting with home made tonic in the non too distant future


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4 thoughts on “Tonic Plastic Reduced

  1. Oooh I’d be really interested if you come up with a home made tonic recipe! We were buying individual glass bottles of tonic, but they seem so wasteful, and I’d rather not give my money to Schweppes. You can also buy Fever Tree here in glass which is made from natural ingredients but as $9.99 for four small glass bottles it’s just a little bit too much. So my gin is sitting in the cupboard feeling unloved until I come up with a solution…

  2. sorry that should be ingredients not recipes. However I have since found a Uk supplier of quinnine so the tonic quest is on! thanks for the encouragement.

  3. yes I been thinking of getting one of those. I couldn’t find any recipes for tonic though – only a kind of cordial that you dilute down…which comes in a plastic bottle. The problem seems to be getting the quinnine if you want to make your own tonic, Did I miss something? Grateful for any help.

    Thanks for dropping by Pamx

  4. A quick internet search turned up several recipes for DIY tonic water. We use a Sodastream fountain for making our own bubbly concoctions at home. It comes with one re-usable plastic bottle, and we have to use CO cartridges that are returned to the store when depleted. It’s not completely waste-free, of course, but its better and fresher than store-bought and certainly a lot less plastic and paper.

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