Many years ago all was well in the shire. Yorkshire that is. We had amassed a wide range of plastic free drinks – tea, milk, coffee and fizzy drinks could all be got plastic free.  Which only left cocoa.

It was Mrs Green who  showed us the way to Morrisons and their freetrade, plastic-free, cardboard-packaged cocoa The cocoa came in a box lined with paper. Supergreen. Ok, the paper was possibly (probably) lined with plastic, but it was the best I could do.
For a while life was good then yesterday I took a special trip to Morrisons to buy some more and there was none to be had. They hadn’t just run out but there was no space for it on the shelves

So do Morrison’s still do Fairtrade cocoa? Well according to the Fairtrade website yes they do.Is it just the Huddersfield store that has decided not to stock it? Was I just unlucky in cocoa that day? I went to the Morrisons website to see if I could find the answer.

Once again I came away empty handed. Unless I am being extremely gormless, there is no way to search for individual products on the Morrison website?!You look under various headings bakery, grocery, etc, and are greeted by a wodge of prose and puns – their academy trained bakers love to use their loaves for example – but of specifics, there were none.

Latest News On Asda 

Have heard since that Asda do cocoa in a cardboard box with paper liner. Off to check that out!

The Joker Box Of Shame

Then Mother got involved. She burst into the house flushed with pride.“I dont know what all the fuss is about”, she carrolled handing me a box of cocoa from Sainsburys.

Yes, a cardboard box, of cocoa.As if!

How many times have I told her “Squeeze and listen!” for the tell tale crackling of the plastic bag inside. Sure enough the cocoa was further packed in a plastic bag – and not even one we can recycle. You can find other other sneaky plastics here.

Weigh & Save

The Whitby Weigh & Save shops sells cocoa pre-packed in plastic bags.The lovely lady in the shop explained to me that the cocoa powder was so fine it flew up everywhere if left loose so they pre-packed it. She kindly offered to specially pack some up for me when the next lot was delivered. sadly I had to leave so could not accept this very kind offer.

Barmouth Weigh & Save

saves the day – loose cocoa in my own bag 


Find more refill stores here 

And real drinking chocolate here


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