It is almost impossible these days to buy unwrapped plastic free biscuit unless you live in Huddersfield where you can buy them loose.

But if you don’t, what to do? Give up biscuits…..hmmmmm.

OK, it’s not a great solution, but  Mc Vities have started a biscuit wrapper recycling scheme. You save up the wrappers and post them off (for free with pre paid labels) and they get recycled. Its better then binning them. In their own words


“McVitie’s has recently teamed up with recycling experts TerraCycle to launch the McVitie’s Biscuit Wrapper Brigade. Biscuit wrappers are recyclable, but very little mixed plastic recycling is carried out by local council kerb side collections, resulting in millions of biscuit wrappers being sent to landfill. McVitie’s and TerraCycle’s initiative – a first for the industry – encourages consumers to help end this enormous waste of resources by sending in their used biscuit wrappers to be recycled. For more information, visit”

Please note, you need to send shipments that weigh at least 0.12 kg -approximately 50 units of biscuit wrappers.

So if you can’t refuse, at least you can recycle…. more tea vicar?

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10 thoughts on “Mac Vities Recycling Scheme

  1. Totally agree – but I can’t fight every battle or I’ll end up in a crying ball – so I like to *think* the recycling is a step in the right direction. Even though I know using and buying less is probably a better way to go!

  2. No not really. I love recycling but I do think its often used to distract attention from the amount of crap we are actually creating.

  3. Thanks Pam, I knew as much as that it wasn’t simple. I just wish the grocery chain would be more transparent on what they will and won’t take, as saying ‘biscuit wrappers’ or ‘bakery item bags’ really doesn’t cut it on a technical level…

  4. Sadly not all plastics are created equel – in recycling terms at least. Some are easy to recycle others most definately not, others are too expensive, others still give off noxious fumes. Its a mess. And hundreds of different plastics are being created everyday that are unidentified.

    Stick to simple plastics with indentifying numbers and check out which of them your local council recyle

    Thanks for dropping by x

  5. I love this initiative. I also try to make my own, but alas, it can be all too hard. Interestingly a grocery chain in Australia have offered a similar program (no mailing, just bins in store), but they really aren’t that clear on what plastics are ok and what aren’t – and I can only assume they aren’t all created equal.

  6. Yes I have been down that road – only I very soon got lost. Maybe I will try again…

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