Every bus we traveled on in Iran dished out snacks. The better the bus the more snacks you are given. Biscuits cakes water and juice all of it plastic wrapped. A single journey will generate bag loads of non biodegradable trash. So we don’t accept it and we bring our own snacks.

Despite Persia’s love affair with packaging there are still hundreds of places that sell loose.You can nuts dried fruit and all manner of things by weight from the bazaar. loose food iranIf you are squeamish about eating unwrapped dried apricots from the dusty bazaar, the bakeries are extremely clean and hygienic. They sell bread, biscuits and cakes loose and by weight. Make mine a kilo of pudding.

Finally there is always  fruit.

Fantastic – but still not out of the woods. While some of these places might have paper bags most use plastic so you will need to take your own. We travel with bio bags and reusable cotton produce bags.

For a drink its water in our reusable, refillable bottle treated with a Steripen.

So when everyone else is creating rubbish with a life span of forever, we are not. Smug? You know it! For more posts on plastic in Iran read up here  

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  1. Hi Kate…. Love all your photos and especially those of the bazaar in Iran…..You are doing such good work… i will have to step up my efforts…xxx


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