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Blimey ,what an honour, two honours actually. So thanks to Arancat ( good luck with your plan to across the Pacific Ocean) and Kelly Lord (good luck with the biggest baddest bucket list competition)
for nominating me.

Of course I am delighted that two people have enjoyed the blog enough to mention it, but also that it happened at a time when I was musing on just how good so many bloggers are. On how much well written entertainment and information they give me, for free, because they care.

So when I read the rules for accepting, I got all giddy. They are:

1. Display the award logo on your blog page. – tick
2. Link back to the person who nominated you -. tick
3. State 7 facts about yourself
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

Yahoo, a chance to talk about myself AND credit some of the bloggers I admire. What an opportunity. So chocks away!


I love red wine, cheese and fresh bread,
can’t resist buns,
could do with loosing a few kilos,
think George Town, Malaysia is one of the nicest cities ever,
love coral reefs and fish-
but not so keen on deep sea diving,
have a big nose.

The Blogs

1 First off the block is almost Mrs Average. Her Rubbish Diet  has gone from personal musings on a backyard bin to a book by way of rubbish czar to the Olympics.

2 Followed Mrs Green in My Zero Waste. She has a similar rags to famous rags story and has appeared with Jeremy (phwoar!) Irons in the film Trashed. Yowser, get down!

3 While I am talking garbage, I have to nominate Everyday Trash for her intelligent, entertaining and wonderfully educational articles on all aspects of rubbish. Well worth a root through her dumpster. Ewww not sure I like how that sounds.

4 There are loads of fantastic plastic- free blogs out there but these guys also have kids! They have just started on their quest for a plastic free life. Nice and lightly written, its fun to follow them take their first nervous steps into a world free of synthetic polymers. Nice name too – PLastsick

5 Off into minimalist territory and lets swing by and say ship ahoy to Bethany living a big yet minimalist life on board a small boat in My Journey to Ithica

6 Stephanie meanwhile is well down the road of rubbish free-living and happily chucking stuff out.Doing exactly what it says on the tin is Stephaniegetsridofhercrap

7 Ihabitat – describes itself as a weblog.Is that a blog? Or a website? Whatever it is the best design weblog ever – will design really save the world? ohhhhh yes and it will look good too.

8 This is a lovely green lifestyle blog by Olive – something for everyone here

9 When I am away from home and missing my own lovely allotment I like spend pottering round Flighty’s. A gentle ramble round his plot always refreshes me.

10 Lets Make Wealth history is a good read on pretty much every level

11 The Smallest Samll holding is what I would be doing if I was back in the UK. And links to rescue hens should you want them.

12 And when I do get back home and back to my sewing machine I am going to do the seamless challenge  properly. Yes you make all your own clothes for a year. I mean my clothes are homemade for sure, by a tailor in Georgetown and I’m not sure that counts.

13 Though most of the articles here hurt my tiny brain I find myself turning and returning to this Ecotextile  blog for clarification and edification on all things green and cloth like

14 There are so many wonderful blogs written people who pick up plastic left behind by others, I feel bad choosing only one. I did a random choice and came up with Flotsam Diaries – and it is a good choice .

To see the many other great anti plastic bloggers out there look at my huge list of likes over at Planet trash. Is that cheating? I don’t care – they all deserve an award.

15 This one too is way above my head but I struggle through because it is soo interesting and well written. And I used to hate chemistry. Maybe it’s because these are green chemicals.

Right now I am off to fulfill the last requirement and

5. Notify those bloggers of their nomination and the award’s requirements.

Boycott Plastic

Inspired to give up plastic? Check these plastic-free products. Use them then compost them.


  1. Flighty

    Congratulations it’s well deserved, and thanks for nominating me in this excellent post.
    I may well cheat a bit, as I usually do, but will do a post about this with a link back here suggesting that people have a look not only at your blog but all the others that you list. xx

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