Fishing plastic trash out of the sea

ocean cleaner

Could this work – its a solar-powered, ocean- cleaning, “boat” that sucks the plastic up out of the water …. kind of.

This is from their website.

The essence of Marine Litter Extraction is, instead of fighting it, to use the ocean to your advantage.
The gyres are 5 areas in world’s oceans where rotating currents create an accumulating mass of plastic, dubbed ‘Garbage Patches’.

Moving through the oceans to collect plastic would be costly, clumsy and polluting, so why not let the rotating currents transport the debris to you?

With Marine Litter Extraction, an anchored network of floating booms and processing platforms will span the radius of such a gyre.

These booms act as giant ‘funnels’, where a slight angle of the booms create a component of the surface current force in the direction of the platforms.

The debris then enters the platforms, where it will be separated from plankton, filtered out of the water, and eventually stored in containers until collected.

There’s lots more about the Marine Litter Extraction Project here.

Fighting plastic trash ….

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