I am lucky enough to have a garden where I can keep  my compost bin. However if you don’t have the space, you could try one of these and compost in your kitchen.How it works?

composter composter2

Naturemill Automatic Compost Bin.

Two chamber design: So clean and easy, you can even compost indoors. Add food at any time into the  upper  chamber. Heat, mixing, and oxygen help the natural  cultures  break down the food within days – before odors  develop. Push a button to transfer  to the  tray below. It will continue to compost there for another week, while you fill  the upper chamber again. Remove the tray at your convenience.

Here is a Treehugger review


This company are based in America though the company does list European suppliers

David Tapley might sell them in the UK and possibly this guy on Amazon.


Why compost – well it means no more plastic bin liners, along with numerous other benefits.


You can find a whole load of other ways to compost here



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