How to.. get loved up…. plastic-free

How to.. get loved up…. plastic-free

How to get loved up plastic free. Get some air mile free flowers or at least some plastic free flowers .Here’s why you want to get both


Add a  plastic free card

loose chocolates

and chocolates or at least some jelly babies


In like Flynn.

Inspired to give up plastic? Check these plastic free products sourced as part of our plastic boycott and listed here the >>>A-Z plastic free index

About Us

Us & the boycott

We are Kate and Ami blogging as Polythene Pam and Village Boy. We live up north in West Yorkshire, U.K. in a small industrial town. We don’t have pets or kids.
We often shop at supermarkets (but don’t like them), eat meat, drink alcohol, munch cheese and scoff down cake. Giving up is not in our nature – we want to do everything – just without creating a huge pile of non-biodegradable, possibly carcinogenic, lethal rubbish that future generations will have to clean up. more on us, and why we don’t like plastic, here…