I do love our water bottles so much I thought I would write a post on them. Here they are.

Please before you scoff, yes we did have proper traveller canteens but we lost them. And the replacements we bought, and the ones after that. Which is bad news as it is very hard to find a good water bottle in SEAsia. So far we have only been able to buy children’s  bottles, the kind that go into lunch boxes, from their equivalent of our “What A Pile Of Crap” shops. That is why I have a pink plastic Barbie bottle which leaks while Village Boy carries a power rangers metal bottle which sheds glittering flakes of metalic, and no doubt poisonous, paint on everything…but is at least beverage tight.

However, despite the above  failings, it is the perfect combination of bottle types. Allow me to expand.

As you know we sterilise our own water using a Steripen. The steripen needs to be submerged in water so the neck of the bottle needs to be wide enough to allow this – Barbie bottle is just right for the job.

When buying juice from stalls instead of getting juice  in a plastic cups We use Barbie bottle.

It is also good for making tea in though probably leaks BPA .

Barbie bottle is so good you might think why bother with transformers glitter bottle. Well the wider the neck the harder it is to drink from on bouncing buses. Far less likely to slobber with transformers.

Also the smaller the screw fitting, the less chances there are of leakage.

Transformers doubles as a hot water bottle on freezing farms.

Transformers is not made from plastic.

Both bottles take half a litre which is perfect for the Steripen which will do 1 or 1/2 a litre at a time.

half a litre of water each is as much as we need to carry the beauty of the Steripen  is that we can always sterilise more when needed.

These bottles fit nicely into bags and don’t weigh too much.

However when Barbie bottle gets left behind this is the bottle I really want

Kanteen Reflect Steel Bottle: No Paint or Plastic, Bamboo, Laser Etched.

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  1. it’s saved our bacon several times when stuck up the mountains where the streams are full guardia. I woudl definatly reccomend it.

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