The  cutters of I use are from Joseph Bently
I bought this set from TK Max– steel and wood tools with minimal packaging.
 Yes there are some irritating bits of plastic – they are attached to the cardboard/ plastic covered board with all plastic ties but that is as reduced as you can get.
However try as I might I cannot find them anywhere else,  not even on Amazon. So I have had a trawl  round to see what is available out there instead.  All secateurs in the shops seem to have plastic handles and come packed with at least the blades covered by a plastic blister. Some come completely enclosed.

However I came across these on line PR2000023812_card4_lg

Made in Japan from high carbon steel, these secateurs are extremely high quality.
Presented in a beautifully authentic gift box.
Preserving traditional forging and grinding techniques crucial for manufacturing high quality sheers, the company incorporates modern technology such as a numerical control grinding system and industrial machinery.
From Waitrose On line – a company we like.
Obviously I cannot say how they will be sent to you i.e. what kind of packaging but of course you could enquire.
Monty Don likes Japanese secateurs!

You can get  vintage secateurs on ebay.


Failing that you could try these from Amazon. I don’t know what the packaging is like but the tools at least look to be plastic free.  Please do read our disclaimer for more info about buying from Amazon

Draper 45317 210 mm Bypass-Pattern Secateurs with Wooden Handles Bypass secateurs with ash wood handles 8" PROFESSIONAL STAINLESS STEEL,WOODEN HANDLE SECATEUR/PRUINER,CURVED BLADE
Draper 45317 210 mm Bypass-Pattern Secateur…
Bypass secateurs with ash wood handles
Pruning Shears - Titanium Bypass Hand Pruners - Ideal Garden Shears & Clippers for Trimming Branches, Hedges, Orchards, Bushes & General Tree Trimmer - All Metal Forged Professional Secateurs - Quality Ergonomic Gardening Tools Guaranteed. Razorsharp Professional 6959BS Spear and Jackson Heavy Duty Bypass Secateurs with Ergonomic Handles
Pruning Shears – Titanium Bypass Hand Prune…
Razorsharp Professional 6959BS Spear and Ja…
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