I try not to be bitter I really do but sometimes I think the yanks have it easy with their bulk buy shops. Sounds like you can buy just about anything loose – you scoop it what you want into a bag and then pay for it. Obviously this makes living plastic free so much easier. Why dont we have these in Engand WHY??????

Still no point wingeing …  heres a list of loose products I have been able to source round Huddersfield way. You have to take your own plastic free bags but you do get to make your own plastic free sweet mincemeat. Result


Huddersfield Queensgate Market

Queensgate Market is a covered indoor market in the center of Huddersfield. It is home to over one hundred shops ...
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T towns for loose food

Find refill stores in Tiverton Todmorden Totnes Find towns beginning with w different letterhere ... What Are Refill Stores? Bulk ...
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Drinking chocolate

Plastic free July  beverages include  the rather luxurious real drinking chocolate. I have long been on a quest to source ...
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Tea & Coffee Merchants

Since the bad news about Twinings tea bag (compostable packaging but tea bag part plastic), I have been drinking loose ...
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My plastic boycott started because I didn’t like the impact plastic packaging had on the environment - as I learnt ...
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Pepper & peppercorns

I have yet to source and totally plastic-free, ready ground pepper so I have to buy peppercorns and grind it ...
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Huddersfield and West Yorkshire Loose Foods

I try not to be bitter I really do but sometimes I think the yanks have it easy with their ...
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Bird Food

Feeding the birds can be a plasticky business but not for us happy Huddersfield folk. Up at Earnshaws saw mill, ...
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Nuts, spices, dried fruit & cake making supplies

Strolling round the delightful Gotham City like splendour that is Leeds Market I came across the NUT SHOP the most ...
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Coffee Beans – Coffeevolution Huddersfield

I love my morning coffee, Can't do with out my brew, But Lavazzas wrapped in plastic! So whats a girl ...
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Frozen Food Loose

Pain Au Chocolat - home bake Pain Au Raisen - Home Bake Yorkshire Puds Fruits of the forest and other ...
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Flat Breads and Maryam Bakery

Last year I gave up plastic wrapped bread - which was pretty easy, for English bread at least. However for ...
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Biscuits loose

Yes, I have given up biscuits! But before you gasp and clutch your bosoms, wonder ing if I really am ...
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