A book I do like is Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) published in 1889. In it,  Jerome K Jerome recounts a boating trip taken down the Thames with his two daft chums. They are  a bumbling but amiable crew and the journey is not without its problems. They have rain, a badly behaved awning, run ins with insolent steamers and  Montmorency is shamed by a large cat. He so deserves it.

Occasionally Jerome waxes philosophical and muses on the dangers of over civilisation and consumerism, the joys of a simple life and the beauties of nature.

But now where does he mention huge frickin piles of plastic trash littering the way.

Sadly the same cannot be said for this latter-day man in a boat, Kyakman. He kyaked down the Thames  recently and was appalled by the levels of plastic pollution he witnessed. Bags caught in trees, bottles floating by and polystyrene clam shells in the reeds to give you but a few examples.

If old Jerome could see his photomontage I think there would be tears.

You can see  Kyakmans photo stream here – please look

Follow through for the other  plastic free campaigners featured in this mighty organ.

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