After you have made your own home- made creams and lotions you need to store them in something. If you have
nothing else, you can use your PLA deli pots – they seem to last just fine, and then you can compost them.

Old glass jam jars are fine for storing the excess but you  want to think twice before using glass in the bathroom what the hard tiles, slippery hands, bare feet and  shattering  potential.

Nope this is a case for an unbreakable product. Plastic bottles  are good in the bathroom. You can see what you have and they are totally safe. The greenest way  is to reuse the pots and bottles you  already have – my old shampoo bottle is still going after  5 years of refills

Pretty Bottles

bottles jars

But when it comes to bottles that can be seen,  I  am shallow and I like the bathroom to look good. So I recycled all my old bottles and  bought some  funky  plastic that look nice. Also some rather swish  aluminium  bottles.   Please note – all the suppliers I use line their products  with a resin ( plastic) liner.

In the boudoir (a marginally less  dangerous environment), you can  use glass, by far the nicest product. Once again the uber green amongst can reuse jam jars  however I went out and bought simple  glass jars which I matched with aluminium lids.

You can get all sorts of closures for bottles from simple screw caps to flip lids,  pumps and sprays. It really depends on the nature of your product. You can get plastic lids but I use aluminium caps and  lids because they look the best and can be easily recycledt.

Please note that all closures  almost always have a small plasticised paper disc inside.

I have been using my bottles jars and lids for years now and they are still looking good and working well.


You can buy all the above from naturally thinking



Believe me you will forget what is in your bottles and you will have to label them. You can write on the bottle with a waterproof pen though in my experience the writing does eventually wash off. You can buy plastic labels from the supplier below for a very reasonable rate. Apparently they last for five years so you might think that this is fair trade off. Or you can use wooden or aluminium  labels ( try garden stores or craft stores), or even cardboard tags and tie them onto your bottles.


For more on home made beauty products check out keep pretty plastic free


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