Seems like a trip to York is in order… and not just because the Minster is lovely.

Ruth tells me of in York. They have bulk bins of Rice, museli base, plus fresh local veg and fruit etc and lots of vegan and organic provisions. Plus NO plastic bags only paper ones – encouraged to bring your own containers.More Loose Foods

You can find lots  more loose food outlets  here the loose foods list

Demijohn offer a spirits, liquor and other drinks refill service in

11 Museum Street

01904 637 487

And many thanks to Gersende for this extra info

There is the Scoop as well in york, a food coop in uni but open to none students. They are brilliant, stock really nice bulk food, washing liquid, reusable pads…. They also do bags of local organic veg. They are on campus open Wednesdays and Fridays Here is the link to there fb page if you are interested

We are very interested.

You can find lots more unpackaged food outlets here.


0 thoughts on “York – loose foods and refill gin… hopefully

  1. Wow, thanks guys! I think it will be tough sometimes so its good to know there’s other people thinking and trying to do something too.
    Btw I think your ‘plastic refuseniks’ link is broken.

  2. Mine too! My grandad actually grew up around the shambles but then they were maloderous stinking slums on the demolition list – at least to hear him tell it. I know it sound a bit lke the monty python 4 yorkshire men sketch. Whitby too is another fantastic place. Ahhh moment of missing home.

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    York is a place from my childhood, full of ghost walks and Minster fires, and fabulous shops and hair braiding, and Viking Museums. I’m very nostalgic about York, a place where I have family, so I’m very happy to hear about Rose, and I hope it helps encourage others to live a more plastic free life.

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