I do buy a lot of building stuff on line (for work you understand – it’s not a hobby), and though I do my best, much comes with protective packaging.

I am talking bubble wrap.

Ok, it is polythene and can be recycled but come on, who really believes we are going to recycle all this plastic or that it is ( as yet), cost effective to do so. If you do, try this from the Flotsam Diaries. Its good in a very bad way.

Long story short, I have a guilty bubble wrap secret and commit jiffy bag crimes on a large scale.

At least I used to. Now I give it all away to Cart in Huddersfield. This Christian African Relief Trust is run by local volunteers. It is based in Summer Street in Lockwood (opposite Magnet). Google Map to shop.

It relies entirely on voluntary contributions with no salaried staff. You take your pre loved stuff down there for them to sell and they sell it in the shop or often on E bay. Ergo – they   always need packaging and adore bubble wrap and jiffy bags.

It’s not a perfect solution but the best I can do.

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