Really!  I mean buns as in muffins …..

Baking buns is so fun but try getting plastic free bun cases and you will be in difficulties as they all come packed in plastic tubes.

Lucky then I found these…

Paper cases in a cardboard box can be bought on line.They do three different sizes and are as green as a leaf.

Otherwise you can go for silicone reusable cases.

First I went for these . they come in plastic packaging but the long-term gain is a net decrease in plastic use. Yes they are made of plastic, (if you count silicone as a kind of plastic and we do),  but they are reusable as oppose to disposable paper and look,  you can get them with feet …

and heart-shaped .. ahhh..


Heres what the manufacturers say they “are incredibly versatile and durable. They are the perfect size for small individual jellies, can be used to bake cup cakes in the oven or microwave and then frozen if necessary. No muffin pan required, they are stain and odour resistant and even have a line to fill up to for a consistent look.”

You can get them from or lakeland

You can get  silicone reusable  moulds  in cardboard packaging. These came from  Strawberry Fair, Byram Arcade, Huddersfield but that has since closed down. 

cup cakes


Find lots of  plastic free recipes with the plastic free cook book 


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4 thoughts on “Buns cases

  1. Hi,

    I find your blog very interesting but for this item … well, I’m not sure why they are even necessary. I bake my muffins directly in the tin … with a little bit of greasing, they pop out just fine without any need for a baking cups … Just a thought.


  2. Thats a good idea- though you do get bigger buns with cases and I guess if you were doing that wedding cake thing where you bake muffins you might want the cases. Thanks for the kind words and useful tips.

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