I did buy from this store. They have a good range of fabric and they state that ” All our fabrics are good quality inexpensive organic, cotton fairly traded.
” Though they don’t actually have a fair-trade certificate you can see that they are commuted to the cause. There are  some nice personal details about the people they work with. I know who made my fabric,

They also  supply ready made products like aprons and tea towels for craft projects.

Know what you are sewing

The fabric descriptions are not so clear. There is nothing on the dies used. They make some suggestions for what to make but do not put in the fabric weight. If you are new to sewing it might be a good idea to use their sample service. I copied the following from their website.

For 50p/£1 you can choose your own – buy separately, denims, cord, velvet,etc You can buy all current woven organic cotton and bamboo samples for £20  around 200 samples. Jersey samples are extra, order set 4.

If you are in the UK and would like 2 small free samples …..
It would help us greatly if you send an SAE (self adressed stamped envelope) saying what you would like and we’ll be happy to send them to you.

I was too rushed to use this and just ordered what I thought would suit. The fabric was lovely and the service prompt. Reviews to follow.


Sadly the packaging was plastic.

Due to the nature of what we send through the post it is not suitable for us to use paper packaging. We do reuse packaging that is from parcels that have been sent to us and we would be able to send out fabric using recycled packaging if it was requested by a customer.

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