There comes a time in every girls life when waterproof  hand protection is necessary (just don’t ask), and I found myself  searching for plastic-free rubber gloves in a hurry.

At first I did not succeed. In fact I was so unsuccessful I had to buy two pairs of rubber gloves in non recyclable plastic packaging URK!! That is a particularly bad plastic crime. But then lo ….the sun came out and shone on Holmefirth Health Shop where they sell these little beauties.

Greentips Household Gloves
Product Information:
Pair of Latex Gloves made from Fairtrade natural rubber. Medium size green colour, flock lined with fairtrade and sustainability sourced logos.
Flock lining and extra weight ensures long life for these gloves. Boxed in recycled CARDBOARD packaging.

So when I have finished my unpleasantly moist tasks and have no further need of them it is claimed they can go  onto the compost heap. Though, despite what others say, I have my doubts as to wether latex actually is compostable!SUGLOV_large

I cannot find an online supplier. The closest I can get is Fairtrade gloves from Big Green Smile – but the packaging appears to be plastic…. BOOOOO! A well thought out product spoilt?

You can buy something similar but much tougher for even nastier jobs from Ethical Superstore

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3 thoughts on “Rubber Gloves

  1. Thank you – yes plastic protests are very local things. I so envy the Americans with their bulk buy bins – we dont have that resource here in the uk and it would make everything soooo much easier. Hope to catch up with your blog soon – still unpacking my rucksack and looking for stuff in the loft…arghhh

  2. You do provide a wonderful resource. I’ll be interesting to see how much this applied to me in Australia. I’ll share my alternate suppliers on my blog, as I find them.

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