Big Spring Beach Clean

Surfers Against Sewage & Ecover Call For Volunteers To Help Clean Beaches & Dramatically Increase Marine Plastic Recycling
Ecover join our call for community volunteers to join the Big Spring Beach Clean this April (3rd – 9th April) to help clean up beaches nationwide and recycle over 50,000 plastic bottles as part of their Ocean Plastic Bottle Project.

The Big Spring Beach Clean has fast become the biggest and boldest beach clean project in the UK, with tens of thousands of volunteers participating around the UK coastline over the last 5 years.

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Marine Conservation Society

Every September, the Marine Conservation Society (MSCUK) organises The Great British Beach Clean

“The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) urgently needs volunteers to take part in the UK’s biggest beach clean and litter survey which takes place in September.
The MCS surveys show a 75% increase in the amount of beach litter since the first Beachwatch in 1994, with plastic waste increasing by a massive 121%. In 2009 alone, over 12,000 cotton bud sticks were found on UK beaches, along with 16,000 drinks bottles, 20,000 lids and 17,000 items of fishing litter.
The MCS Beachwatch Big Weekend provides a simple and effective way in which everyone can help tackle the relentless wave of rubbish washing onto our beaches and at sea. “Volunteers never cease to be amazed at the amount of the litter they find on their beaches.”

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