Take a look at this beauty – my  galvanised watering can with removable brass rose. Looks good and lasts forever. Comes with absolutely no plastic bits and no packaging at all. It holds 9 litres – 2 gallons which is big enough to matter but light enough to carry when filled with water.


The brass rose can be unscrewed and this is a very important feature. Put the rose on and water can be sprinkled over seedlings or delicate plants a necessary but slow process. Take the rose off and water can be poured in a stream which is great for soaking plants at the roots. A removable rose means it can be cleaned when bits of soil and residue block the holes. Without this feature your can will eventually clog up.

Finally the rose can be replaced when knackered. Interchangeable roses can also be bought resulting in ever finer sprays.

Haws Cans

Haws also do a metal watering. It is the Rolls Royce of metal watering cans with a price tag to match. These too have interchangeable roses

Kiddies Cans £5.25  

Made by Garden Angels these cans are as classy as you would expect from these guys. They are metal watering can with enamelled finish and will last much longer than plastic counterparts. They don’t have removable roses but in all fairness they are more for fun then real work. They come in pink or blue – I don’t know why. Plastic and packaging free they

Sadly they have plastic handles and come wrapped in a plastic bag.


All the above can be bought on line or from local hard wear shops and some B&Q stores.

If you have trouble finding them,  you can get them here (along with a lot of other plastic free garden supplies), from  Amazon  You can read our Amazon policy here.

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2 thoughts on “Watering Cans for young and old (and rich)

  1. I would love a galvanised watering can with a brass rose like that but sadly make do with a plastic one which was given to me!
    It’s getting plenty of use at present as I’m watering everything on the plot twice a week and some things inbetween times as well. xx

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