Busy digging over the garden and planting up next years crop in the allotment and I find myself:

  • Turning over a new seed bed to find ugly plastic markers polluting the soil:
  • Uncovering plastic plant markers relating to some kind of plant but all the text has disappeared:
  • Hoeing away and cut through another perennial;
  • Plant up some lettuces in lovely rustic pot which I don’t want to sully with nasty looking plastic plant markers
  • Planting up rows of seedlings and not wanting to use plastic markers because of – well -all of the above:

So I have bought some wooden monster-size, lolly-pop stick. NB The normal size lolly pop sticks are too small. I tried them but couldn’t read them.  Actually I couldn’t even see them and so another peony died.
These big boys come in at 150mm length x 19mm width x 1.8mm giving me plenty of room to write on and if I use a permanent writer, the writing lasts as long as the marker.

I can also use pencil which doesnt last as long but is plastic free.

If they get dug into the soil no problem they will biodegrade and feed next years spuds.

They look much nicer in my pots and allotment.

Where to get them?

You can buy these from craft stores on-line but they often come in little plastic bags. To ensure I got these plastic free I had to buy in bulk so they came in a box rather than a bag. I searched for medical spatulas on ebay.

If you have trouble finding them,  you can get them here (along with a lot of other plastic free garden supplies), from  Amazon.  

One of the real joys of buying #plasticfree is sourcing the stuff in local shops. However sometime you have to buy on line and if I don’t know of anywhere else I tend to end up recommending Amazon. I know and I don’t like what they do either but t I have always found Amazons service to be good, the recommendations are for second party sellers and the packaging usually compostable.

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