Pain Au Chocolat –

home bake Pain Au Raisen –

Home Bake Yorkshire Puds

Fruits of the forest and other soft fruits

Roast veg – peppers to potatoes

Uncooked Vegetables – Peas!!!

Fish Cakes

Just some of the frozen stuff sold loose at Emly Moor Farm Shop.

Here is the company who supply them – Field Fare. They supply shops nationwide. There is a postcode locator here which tells you where your nearest retailer is.

The Emley Moor shop doesn’t stock the full range, but it will give you an idea of what’s available.

Heres how it works. Using the little scoop you shovel what you want into the bags provided. Of course the bags provided are plastic but take your own bio bags (corn starch bags – made from vegetables they are fully compostable)  and the plastic bag problem is solved. Bio bags are fine to use in the freezer.

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  1. I have used Farm Fields at 2 farm shops in Leicestershire. Roots – a small farm shop with a small range including croissants, cinammon whirls, fruit and veg etc. They have a small cafe with lovely homemade cakes, soups, lunches etc. Very pleasant people. Attfields in Whetstone is just a farmshop but has a much bigger range of frozen loose food.

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