Replace nasty, plastic, highlighter pens with fantastic fluero pencils from Stabilo.

According to their website the  STABILO GREENlighter proves that luminosity and ecological awareness can go hand in hand.

highlighter pencil
» FSC-certified highlighter

» 3 neon colors: yellow, green and pink, suitable for a huge variety of paper.

» Thick lead, 5.5mm in diameter, for a broad stroke.

» Glides easily over the page to ensure consistent highlighting.

Hurrah for guilt free high lights.


As my highlighting needs are few I haven’t used these myself. It looks like you can buy in packs of 3,  in cardboard plastic free packaging.

You can buy them online from the Green Stationary Company. I don’t know what their inward packaging is like but with a name like that they will probably be open to plastic free requests. Do let me know if you what you find out.


Or from  Amazon  .



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