The ultimate in plastic free writing but they will fade with time


A really great plastic-free,note taker….

Can be bought loose in most art shops and stationers


If you are using a pencil, you will of course need pencil sharpener. I guess the boy scouts amongst you could use your sharp knives but I dont dib,dib,dib.

So I got me a metal pencil sharpener from the shop…. but I could have got one of these….

Sustainably-Sourced Wooden Pencil Sharpener
Only: £4.45
Cylindrical wooden double pencil sharpener with collection tray. Made from 100% sustainably-sourced wood in Germany. This sharpener has two different diameter cutters and is extremely strong and robust for frequent use.

You can find more up here on Amazon

You can read more about pens & pencils here….

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