Last year I gave up plastic wrapped bread – which was pretty easy, for English bread at least. However for middle eastern breads it’s a different story -pitta breads, lavoche and other types of flat bread are not to be bought in anything other than plastic wrappings. The husband hails from far off lands and often gets a yearning for the flat breads of his youth. It felt a little unfair to deny him the pleasure of a properly wrapped kebab, so I supposed that a special dispensation would have to be made for foreign bread.

But no more thanks to the arrival of Maryam Bakery on Blacker Road Huddersfield. They do four nan breads for a pound. They call them nans but they are in fact more of a Kurdish style flat bread. They are freshly baked and better than any plastic wrapped pittas or dusty dry lavoche.

And they come wrapped in paper… but you have to ask specially for that.

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