I don’t care if the lady loves milk tray, she’s not getting a box of chocks from me. Not with that plastic wrapping, plastic cover sheet and plastic sweet tray.

Before you call me hard hearted there is a plastic free alternative.


There are shops out there selling British and Belgium chocolates loose.  You can buy a separate, cardboard box to put them in or you could make your own packaging.

Chocolate Bars pfree sweets Tesco chocolate

And there is always chocolate wrapped in foil and cardboard. Tescos do some wrapped in cardboard and foil.

Original Beans who sell  their chocolate in certified compostable packaging.

If handing some one a big slab of chocolate seems a bit blunt, you could tart it up by turning it into something else. Check out the marbled minty things made by Jen.


If the loose chocolates are too expensive you can buy other kinds of sweets from jars – for mothers day my  mum got two ounces of liquorice torpedo’s in a paper bag from Queensgate Market. Huddersfield.
Tescos and Ikea have a pick and mix stand where you can get chocolate beans ( smarties), and other sweets unwrapped and loose.

Every time I have been to any of the above, they have had paper bags but you may want to take your own plastic-free bag to be sure.


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6 thoughts on “Chocolates and Sweets

  1. I see that Nestle are advertising Aero, KitKat, Rolo and Smarties Easter eggs as having 25 percent less packaging and no plastic.

  2. You scared me with this post, I thought I had missed Mothers Day. I quickly realized that it is celebrated much earlier in the UK than in North America, where my mum resides. Funny coincidence that I had a 40 minute phone call with her today.

    Another option for chocolate luvin’ mums is to get them a high quality bar of chocolate with just paper and foil packaging. Try to go with fair trade organic 🙂

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