Cards  have been the bane of my life , (I mean greeting cards not gambling  – that’s all in the past), as many come wrapped in icky plastic. So what are the alternatives?


I love my friends but I love the planet – what to do.  I know you can send e cards but that’s just mean. No cards = no mates in my shallow social circles….

Unwrapped Cards

Look harder….there are unwrapped cards available. The post office in Marsh, Huddersfield sells them loose, and our Tescos had a lot of  unwrapped cards… which surprised me. So, I heard, does Hallmark.

Responsibly Made Cards

but if you can’t find what you want, try Etsy – art cards in compostable PLA cornstarch bags.

Check these out Bradford based company – Great Valentines day cards and plastic free  good loving.

Read the blurb….

100% RECYCLED WITH BIO-DEGRADABLE CLEAR BAG Printed on 100% recycled smooth white board. Each card comes with 100% recycled C6 brown craft paper envelope inside a clear bio-degradable bag. The bag is made from corn starch which is fully bio-degradable and compostable, breaking down to just CO2 and H2O – as green as you can get! Dig The Earth!

Print Your Own Cards

You can find downloadable art work for sale on Etsy or try Mrs Thriftes Free Printables Pinterest Page

Make Your Own Card

Nice ….but sadly crafts are plasticky what with the glue,  felt tips, glitter and packaging.


info on special days and parties here

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2 thoughts on “Greetings cards

  1. as an option would suit me as I dont just want to cut out plastic packaging but also reduce the amount of waste I create xpam

  2. Thank you for featuring my cards on your blog 🙂

    I went out of my way to use bio-degradable ‘poly-bags’, as a lot of people still like to buy cards in ‘plastic’. Although, ultimately, I’d like to lose this part of my card making – or maybe I should offer the extra packaging as an option! The recycled aspect of what I create is important so I always try and use 100% recycled stock wherever possible.

    Thanks again

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